A blog for students, by students…

Upon listening to me explain the 5th and final step of enrollment here at MTC (which is advising and registration, by the way), Rick’s eyes glossed over while he looked off to the side and continued shaking his foot repeatedly.  I could tell that he had had just about enough “admission appointment” for one day.  Rick is not unique.  I meet with many students who exhibit these same tendencies.  Don’t get me wrong here though. I think admission appointments are a necessary component of students getting enrolled and starting off their college careers on the right foot.  I also know, however, that many students learn information best from their peers.  This being the case, I often find myself thinking about ways in which we can provide students with important and necessary information in a more interesting and interactive format.  This blog stems from that thinking.

The MTC Insider (a great name chosen by one of our Facebook fans) is a blog tailored toward prospective and current MTC students, written by MTC students.  It will not replace traditional forms of communication and information gathering (e.g. an admission appointment, browsing our website, etc.), but rather, will supplement them.  This blog will give readers an inside look into what it’s like to be a MTC student and hopefully, in doing so, will be educative, interesting, and less formal.

Our cast of volunteer student bloggers have varying backgrounds, interests, and writing styles.  Each of them has insights and MTC/life perspectives to share.  They will be writing more than 95% of the posts and will shed light on topics they see as relevant to current or prospective students.  Occassionally (*eh hem* this post, for example), an administrator or “guest blogger” will write a post. 

I hope that readers take some time to comment on the blog posts and engage our writers and other readers in discussion.  Additionally, feel free to interact with our other forms of social media, all of which have been integrated with this blog on the right hand side of the page (e.g. interactive polls, the MTC Twitter page, the MTC Facebook page, “Ask a Counselor” instant messaging, etc.).

So, without further delay, I’m going to get out of the way and let our talented students take over.  I’d like to welcome you to the MTC Insider and wish you happy reading…


MTC Office of Admission

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