Students with soon to be students!

A lot of us parents are asking what are we going to do with our children when they get in school?  We are already in college and our kids are getting into pre-school or elementary, how are we going to get everything done…on time?  Most of you can all agree this is a rough subject.  Well I have some tips for you.  In the morning before they leave make sure lunch is packed, clothes are picked out and their home work is completed.  Drop them off at school and say your goodbyes.  Once you arrive home if you arrive home for you coffee drinkers, make you a pot of coffee.  Turn on your computer or get your books situated and organized to start working, make sure you had your breakfast because that is the best way you and your children can start the day and spend time with each other.  Then it is time to start buckling down on that homework.  Make sure there are no distractions and actually complete the work.  There are some interesting facts you may find interesting, share them with your kids they my find them interesting too.  There are always learning opportunities available.

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