Snow, Gotta Love It!!!!!!

HOW MUCH DO YOU LIKE WINTER???  As for myself, I’m REALLY ready for spring.  But, that does mean that the dreaded geese will return.  Guess you gotta take the good with the bad.  I’m very impressed at the way the campus crew has kept the sidewalks and parking lots clean.  You guys could teach ODOT a few lessons!!!  One thing that did bother me……Why did I have so much trouble finding out if Marion Tech was closing on Wednesday (Feb 10th)??  The local radio stations did not have it posted and I had to go to MTC’s homepage to see the posting.  When I open up MTC, it goes directly to MyMTC.  The announcement was NOT there!!!!  I even had a couple of people call me and ask if the school was really closed because they couldn’t find it.  PLEASE, MTC staff, post this info on the MyMTC page too!!  That will reduce a lot of problems.  Anyhow, now that last week’s occurrence of the “white death” has passed, we can go on to look forward to warmer weather, I hope??  Stay safe everyone!!


One thought on “Snow, Gotta Love It!!!!!!

  1. I agree totally. It was very hard trying to find out if school was closed. Even the automated phone system was a day behind. Please leave more posts about school closings.

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