Addicted to Facebook or MySpace?

I was a MySpace freak for the past year or so…and then came Facebook.  I figured I am very open minded…let’s try Facebook, no problem.  I like both MySpace and Facebook but some things just went over board.  MySpace was my way to communicate to family and some friends that moved away through my grade school years.  Facebook is just Farmville, Fishville, Cafe World and so forth.  I have yet to see a decent form of communication on Facebook other than the little chat box that comes up when you login.  Be careful students, this can be an addiction worse than alcohol or cigarettes.  I am a victim of this addiction and I can tell you of too many times that I have not completed my work or of nights that I should have been studying to get a better grade than those I have obtained from the horrible neglect.  Separate yourself from the websites and spend more time with your kids and studying.

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