Money Matters

Someone please tell me who it was that said “Hey, no matter what degree program anyone goes into, MATH is a MUST!”  I mean please…How is taking math going to help me for using a gun, as I am a Criminal Justice major?  Is it just me or are the schools just thinking of ways to get more money?  I mean, as it is, STUDENTS are getting the shaft when it comes to the cost of our books and for the classes that we take.  When we as students take our books back we dont even get 50% of what we paid and the book store turns around and sells it for well over a 100 dollars for what it was they gave you.  REALLY?  Do we REALLY need to do this???!!!  I for one am tired of it.  Paying for classes I will never use and paying for books that are so over priced. I think the bookstore should rethink what it is they give us on the returns (at least half PLEASE).  They would still make a profit.  I also think the classes that we are required to take should be re-considered. Depending on what field we are going into, those would be the required courses we should have to take.   Just thought I’d share something that really GRINDS MY GEARS!!!

On a more positive note, if your are interested in a career in law enforcement or other fields of Criminal Justice, then MTC is the right place for you. Mr. Bob Chidester is a great mentor and instructor.  He will guide you on the path that you want to take.  If you have a problem with anything he will help you solve it and get you back on track.  I would and have told people about the program here at MTC and I have found that those who have gotten their degrees here have gone on to be employed with the Marion City, Marion County and even Richwood Police Departments.  Bob is very respected in the Criminal Justice classes that he teaches. So in closing, you are in the right place for a GREAT FUTURE in Criminal Justice at MTC…


5 thoughts on “Money Matters

  1. You don’t have to sell your book back to the bookstore… you can always find someone in the class below you who will be taking the course next year and sell it to them directly for a price higher than you would get from the bookstore, and lower than they would have to pay at the bookstore. Then everyone wins (except the bookstore)!

    You did not specify what level of math you are required to take. I think everyone should understand math up through quadratic and exponential equations. That should give you enough background to calculate the anticipated balance of your retirement savings at various points in the future, what your mortgage or car payments are likely to be, etc. without having to rely on someone else to do it for you (a web site, a bank, etc.).

    Understanding some of the math behind these fixtures in our lives will hopefully provide extra incentive to limit all types of debt, start saving now, and live within earnings.

  2. basic math is one thing, but as a must have in order for a degree is just NUTS I mean if you are a Math major then thats a different story. I am a Criminal Justice Major, so when am I going to need to know AxB when Im writing you a ticket??????? That is and was my point and as far as the selling the books to other students…sometimes that just doesnt work, I have a book list up and have had one for a long time now. The point to all of this is not everyone was born with a TRUST FUND!!! and if we have to pay for our Education then make it a bit easier and cheaper. I know other colleges that do give at least half when they buy the books back. I have always said OHIO is and always will be its own PLANET!!!!!

  3. Well, you may think all you are going to do is write tickets – but you may become interested in a promotion (or two or three) over time. If you get into detective work, scheduling where patrol activity should be focused this week, etc. statistics can be very useful.

    Math is not all about pushing variables around the page. It is about the ideas behind it all. Linear equations are really all about situations involving a constant speed (if someone is refusing to stop and driving 85 mph along the highway, how far ahead of where they are now do you need to notify in order for them to have a chance to getting to the highway before the car has blown past their exit?).

    Quadratics are all about situations with constant acceleration. If a car accelerates by 10mph every second, how far away will it be in 5 seconds?

    You may not need to calculate the exact answers to these problems, but math can also help you develop a “feel” for about what the answer is probably going to be – in other words, you may make better guesses if you understand some of the ideas being taught in math class (and you have a teacher who focuses on the ideas, not just the procedures).

    And lastly, no matter what profession they pursue, everyone should understand what they need to do to gradually build their own financial safety net (and retirement fund). Few people earn “as much as they would like to”… right after they get a raise, they still would prefer to be earning even more. So it is really important to understand ways you can take control of your own financial future by saving part of every paycheck, using IRAs etc., and minimizing your use of debt, even for long-term purchases (such as education or houses). Math and Finance classes can help people master the key ideas so that these topics no longer seem “too complicated”.

    Math is a subject for which “the next course” is harder than the last course for *everyone* – myself included. I have learned to adapt my study habits, to not let my initial confusion scare me off, and to focus on everything that I am the least bit nervous about on the homework. Those same skills have proven very useful to me in every other subject I have studied.

    So hang in there – find an understanding teacher, a group of classmates who you can work effectively with, a tutor if necessary. Your efforts will pay off if you keep at it, in any subject or area of life, including Math.

  4. I sell my books through and buy them through there too. I wish I had done this sooner because I have saved SO much money by doing so. Just a thought…

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