Dealing with a Loss!!

I’m really not sure how to even put into words on how one deals with the loss of someone who you care about. I myself have yet to figure out WHY things happen and why we are left behind by either a family member or a friend. I haven’t had much sleep in the past few days because I’ve been thinking about Justin. He was 29 years old and didn’t live his life yet. How do you tell a 5 yr old child that her daddy will never be coming home? How do you deal with the feeling of knowing that you will never see that person again? When you get into the routine of seeing that person everyday or even every other day, your HEART feels empty and you are at a loss for words. I think I’ve learned something in the past few years when it comes to death. That is, never let a day go by without telling your friends and family just what they mean to you. It will never help the feeling of being left behind or the longing to hear their voice that will never be there again. But at least you will have told them just how you feel about them. I saw Justin 2 days before he died but didn’t get to say anything; it was in passing while driving home. I’m going to miss him very much and the family will never be the same again without him in it. I know that life goes on and that we all must still live, that is my head talking. I just wish that my HEART felt the same way. I wonder though just what it’s like to be gone. Is there really a better place? If there is how much better could it really be without your family and friends and even your children? This I just don’t understand. The only thing I can wish for is that at the point of impact Justin felt nothing! No pain just a sense of being free, if that is even possible. Anyway I’m just thinking out loud. Good bye my Dear Friend and if there is life once we do leave here I would be honored to see you again.

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