Spring Fever studying

Most of you are like “YAY!”, now it is spring…but guess what…you have those rotten exams that need studying for.  If you are saying to yourself, “I want to go outside”, take your books, lay a blanket down, and pop open your knowledge papers.  My Med. Term. 1 exam was kind of weird but I definitely needed more studying for it, but because I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I kept hitting walls and barriers that kept me from getting all the studying done that I needed for that test.  English should be easy because Jonathan Suter makes English the best class and very entertaining.  Now, Psychology was very enjoyable if you love reading about the mind and how things work with it.  I took Psychology and Sociology my senior year and I tell you what, I thouroughly enjoy the subject, but I have my own personal issues so I could never be the noter on the paper listening to what a person does and how to cope with problems.  I would want to pull out my hair, especially hearing stories similar to my own.  And Angela Voll makes the subject worth while.  Now, last but not least, my writting exam. I have not taken this thrill yet but I know I must do well.  Kelli Grisham would make any class exciting.  She keeps you awake and repeats herself to the extent the info is stuck in your head.  But that is a good thing.  I have known Kelli since I was little and I am 20 now.  I remember doing gymnastics with her daughter (that has a wonderful personality and who everyone loves) when I was in my single digits and flexible.  Kelli is a wonderful person and I hope she teaches until she cannot anymore.  I thank all my teachers for this wonderful winter quarter even though the snow may have canceled a class or two.   Study students because even though you have families, education will always be there with oppurtunities following you everywhere.

Knowledge is amazing.

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