Spring Break Excitement……I wish!

I know I should have booked my vacation to Daytona a long time ago but, I didn’t, and the flights to Panama City were all full.   So, what did this 40-something do on spring break?  Well, I wish I could say that my “partying” days weren’t over, but this gal just takes too long to recover and believe me, it’s not pretty.  And, MTV just can’t handle babysitting a pre-geriatric party girl (neither can my husband), so I did what anyone my age and going to college does for spring break.  I stayed at home and cleaned out the house and then the flower beds all the while “worrying” about my 20-year-old on his first spring break away from home.   He did invite his past-party-girl mom to go with him but, I politely passed on the trip.  I’m not sure if I could have handled the boom-boom bass in the car for 700 miles all while driving at 75 mph through the mountains of Virginia.  That could have easily put me over the edge and that’s not what I would call a “break”.  The kid did make it there and back in one piece and his mother didn’t  do any bodily harm to her husband for the five days that they were left alone together.  So, this is what the next step in my life is going to be like?  I hope not!!  I would like to be able to just get in the car and drive off  into the sunset but I guess it’s time for me to grow up and act like the adult now.  As far as next week is concerned, Spring Break will be over and for some of us……well, we will be ready to start a new quarter.  No hangovers or loss of memory from too much fun for us.  Just a lot of sore body parts from working during break!

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