Taking “THE” Test

As a student in the Medical Assistant program at Marion Tech, I will be taking the MA Practicum (clinical) summer quarter.  Although I am extremely nervous about actually working in a physicians office, I am looking forward to taking what I have learned in class and using it on “real” patients.  With that being said, before the  practicum can be scheduled, we must have a thorough physical and vaccine tests completed.  Prior to the physical, we were spontaneously informed of a drug test.  This test had to be completed within 48 hours.  Now, it should not be a surprise to anyone in the Health fields that we need to be tested for both legal narcotic medications and illegal drugs.  I would not want anyone treating me that is under the influence, would you???  Within a few days of taking the “pee” test, my local paper, The Telegraph Forum (Bucyrus), had a front page article announcing that Crawford County is 5th in the State of Ohio for heroin overdose deaths.  Yes, you did read that correctly.  Not major metropolitan areas like Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, or Dayton but, Bucyrus, Galion, Crestline, New Washington, and the surrounding country-side.  Not until this article has there been any acknowledgement of local law enforcement that Crawford County has a drug problem although many of us have known it for years.  What is happening here?  We have always thought that our kids were safer in the country schools away from the big cities but not anymore.  I have known of several instances where the local police were contacted on possible “drug” activity but they declined to investigate stating, “We know of the activities you are reporting and we are wanting to catch the bigger fish.”  Now, if the big fish reley on the little fish, why not take out the little fish and the big fish will starve.  Just seems to be logical to me but, I’m just a student at Marion Tech.  All I know is that until we all realize that we have a BIG problem, nothing is going to be done about it.  Our school, homes, small businesses, and even churches will not be safe from crime.  Until we take a stand and accept our responsibility as citizens and parents, no one will be safe from the abuse.


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