Weather holding you back??

What is the first thing anyone asks you when it comes to education……….”How is school going?”  That always tops my list and here of late, I would like to honestly reply…..” It has been rough since the weather has gotten nice.”  I enjoy working out in the flower beds and garden.  I don’t feel like being inside the house (like I was all winter) studying.  Sometimes I just want to scream..”I DON’T WANNA STUDY TODAY”.  Well, I know, at least from experience that classes don’t stop because of nice weather or because “I don’t feel like it” today.  Instructors also tend to frown on students that seem to lack motivation and they won’t give you an excused absense because you came down with a bad case of spring fever.  So, with that being said, I know that I don’t have the luxury of being outside every nice day and avoiding the books.  Thank goodness that in Ohio we don’t have consistently nice spring days.  So, I try to get all of my stuff done on the crappy days (like Mother’s day weekend) and save the nice ones for being outside.  I’m heading out right now and going to plant flowers. 

P.S. To all my instructors (re: Peggy, Nancy, Margie, and Lisa):  I have been up since 6 a.m. and studied for 5 hours.  I will return to the dungeon tonight to continue, Promise!!!

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