Thanks to Beta Nu Pi

On behalf of the new inductees of the Marion Technical College Phi Theta Kappa chapter Beta Nu Pi, I would like to thank everyone involved in the 2010 Formal Induction Ceremony.  Teresa Plummer along with chapter president Tony Evans, chapter public relations officer Vanessia Fragmin, and chapter recording secretary Michaela Kinser, made this a wonderful event for new members and their families.   I would also like to thank Jon Beard assistant professor and faculty co-chair, Vicky Wood dean of business and information, and keynote speaker Nick Chilton president and CEO of Wyandot, Inc. for their wonderful words of encouragement and wisdom.  We truely feel a great honor in being a part organization and look forward to spreading the “word” to the rest of the student body at MTC.  Anyone who meets the criteria for becoming a member doesn’t have to wait till next year to become involved.  See Teresa Plummer if you need additional information.   Again, thanks to all for a wonderful day!!!! 


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