HELP!!!! I can’t take it anymore!

I know that I’m the unconventional older student and I should be able to give advice rather that get it but I need some help.  Why can’t I study?????  I know it’s finals week and I should buckle down and “hit the books” but my mind is drawing a blank.  Maybe it’s just because I’m getting old??  I don’t know but every time I sit down to study, I can’t concentrate.  AND, to top it all off, I can’t stay awake either.  I feel like someone slipped me a micky.  UGH!!!!  Don’t tell me to drink a cup of coffee or walk away for a little bit and do something else cause I already tried that.  If I drink any more coffee my blood pressure pills won’t work anymore (and I’ll spend the rest of the night in the bathroom).  I know that when it comes time to go to bed, I won’t be able to sleep.  Well, I hope that the rest of you guys are having a better time of it.  Good luck this week and have a great summer if you’re not taking any classes.  The Medical Assisting program has its last finals tomorrow and then we’re going to celebrate!!!  That’s if I can stay awake.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

One thought on “HELP!!!! I can’t take it anymore!

  1. lol im with ya Im so far behind that if I were to get everything I need to done I still wouldnt be caught up til the yr 2011 :O)

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