Unemployment Extension 2010

I know with all the oil spill problems, the lack of the United States Senate to act on extending the unemployment benefits for workers seems like a trivial problem but try being in my shoes and wondering how to pay the bills!!!  The political bull, that is at a all time high in Washington, can sometimes make your head explode.  I don’t care if you’re on the left or right.  I don’t care what the republicans or democrats like or dislike about each other.  HELLO, laid-off workers need help.  It’s not like we are asking for a hand-out.  We have worked for many years to be able to draw an unemployment check.  AND, by the way, we also pay taxes on the unemployment checks.  That means your paycheck, Mr. Voinovich and Mr. Brown (senators for Ohio).   How are we supposed to magically find a job?  Where are they at?  I am, at this point, just trying to finish my schooling so that I can get a better job (out of a factory).  Hopefully, the politicians will get off their….behinds…and do something to help the people of the United States!


23 thoughts on “Unemployment Extension 2010

  1. I am right there with ya, I do have three weeks left but after that, what? The jobs I am physically able to do don’t seem to exist anymore. I keep looking but I can’t handle the rejection from a place that tells me i’m over qualified! I don’t care, I need money!!!! I have bills and child support…hello senate….are you listening? And to you managers at all the places that are hiring, just because I have had better jobs in the past, doesn’t mean I won’t work just as hard for you because I’m “over qualified”. I need to live too!!!

  2. Amen to that!! How do they think people are going to live when there are no jobs to be had and no unemployment money. More people are going to end up on welfare because of their stupidity! I think the Senators and Congress should be made to live on unemployment and/or minimum wage and with our crappy health insurance for at least a year and see how that changes their votes! And how dare they go on vacation without resolving this?? When I had a job, I stayed until my work was done and/or made sure someone was there to cover it while I was gone. I wasn’t allowed to just set things aside until I came back and my job didn’t impact most of the country!!

  3. I’m right there with you guys-finally got accepted in a health program–now, I may have to change that or just give up school–I’ve been looking for a job for over a year, and there’s none out there, I had to take 1/2 my salary on unemployment, now, I may have to take 1/2 of that and that’s if I can find something—it’ll probably minimum wage part time and that’s not going to pay the bills, so it looks like trying to get 2 jobs, I’d like to see the senators, congress,governors, actors, athletes and any other overpaid worker try to live on what we’ve been doing on unemployment and then being told they don’t want to help them anymore because of what it will do to the deficit—we need good jobs now, we can worry about paying the debt down later–we’re going to be in debt for a while unless we get back to being an industrialized country, we wouldn’t be in such bad shape-when we were an industrialized country, we were the ones loaning out the money and made 80% of our own products, now, it’s the opposite–borrowing money and making about 20% of our own stuff

  4. I am almost finished with school that the state has financed but if the extensions are not approved then I have to quit and look for a job that I may not find so then what? I know people who will have to sign up for welfare. Why is congress taken breaks when the economy is in need of action NOW!!!!!! When BP is flooding our ocean with oil!!!! why are we supporting them to work partime and earn more than amy of will….why? I have worked since I was twelve and now I am in my 40’s and I can’t draw unemployment for another month? WHAT?!?!?! I am obviously very upset, I just found out today that mine is done, I wonder what they think we can do. I believe it was Marie Antoinette who said- let them eat cake and lost her head…. I guess we know why now

  5. I am with you , my unemployment was run out as well. I hope I can finish schooling .I just dont know if I can make it now, if I have to get a job, will I be able to finish school.. I never want to be on unemployment, but when my place of employment ( Baja Marine ) shut their doors I went back to school got my ged, and now going to college..The best move I have ever made, but now that could be stake… I and alot of others need those extensions…..

  6. The taco bell by the mall has a sigh out front ” Hiring for managers ” Whats up? Have any of you tryed to get that job. The boards at one stop centers are covered with job offers. Every news paper has a help wanted section. Hell walmart will pay you 10$ an hour to stock shelves. I work for 10 $ an hour, go to school, and raise two kids under 5 years old. Are you sure your not just spoiled by $20 an hour easy factory jobs and now your to stuck up to work at the bottom. NOBODY can look for a job for a year and not find something.

    1. EASY FACTORY JOB, I WORKED 10 -13 HOURS A DAY,,I guess you have never worked in a factory…. Stuck up ,,wow I started at $4.75 an hour. I also worked two 8 hour a day jobs to feed myself and two children, they are raised now and I have to start over. Find out the life of someone before you judge them.

      1. I think Chris is just taking words out of the newspaper-he surely couldn’t have too much experience–not all factory jobs are easy and not all paid $20 per hour–I have worked in different types of jobs, the factory job I had was a hot plastics factory about 15 years ago and it started out at min wage, of course that wasn’t my last job–i worked there for about 10 years and left at around $10 per hour–I think Chris has opened up a can of worms here–you got everybody going

  7. Chris be careful of those comments. Most people to get to $20 hour paying jobs may have worked 10 ,20 years or more to get that pay scale. They may have mortgage payments and other expenses you do not have. Are you going to school so you can maintain $10 an hour pay? Will you stay in the same home and living conditions you are in now or wish for something better after you graduate?
    I say you can comment as long as you do not recieve any state or county assitance or reduced rent, no help at all. Becuase if you do than your classes mates former jobs were helping pay for the asstiance you recieve. $10 an hour simply may not make the mortgage or rent payment. Do you have a place for people that will lose their homes to move into?
    I try to respect others and not personally judge anyone. I never thought I would be in the situation I am in today.

  8. I am 35, with 18 years of work experience. I do not feel anybody owes me. I work and go to school. Anybody who wants a job can find one. Live in a cheaper house. There is nothing wrong with receiveing state support as long as one is doing SOMETHING. Some kind of work. I started the fall quarter on unemployment, but my moral compass refused to let me sit on unemployment just because I could. Adapt and overcome. Sorry if the blunt truth hurts but americans have strange feeling that some how life owes us something. I am truely sorry if this is the first time life has knocked you down. But I am not going to wait for congress to save me. Life is hard.

  9. I am not looking for a handout–sure some people may have lucked out and found a job (I’m glad for Chris that he was one of the lucky ones to find a job, congrats)—but, right now that’s not going to happen for everybody–I’ve worked for over 30 years and not at the same place, I’ve never had a problem finding a job until now, and have never been without a job and have never had to be on unemployment. I do have a moral compass as chris calls it, and I will take a job if I can find one, but, everybody’s circumstance is different—you should not judge people until you’re in their shoes–hope you know that for every job out there that there’s over 500 applying for the same job–
    another thing about the unemployment extensions, they don’t want to extend them anymore, but, the bill their trying to pass on the pay for war, I’d like to know why they are adding money to pay for the BP Oil spill when BP is already paying for the whole cleanup–anybody have any thoughts on that and why are they putting money in there for teachers when our property taxes already pay for them–I say let them take a paycut so all the teachers can keep their jobs–maybe start at the president of the school boards who make over 150,000 per year–

  10. I HAVE TRIED TO GET A JOB, EVEN AT WALMART FOR $10.00 . Its hard to get a job when you are 56 years old and no retail experience.. I did work in a factory for over 20 years, and I didnt make 20 not even 15 dollars and hour.. Chris, hope you never have to start over when you are over 50….. BUT SOME PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND TILL THEY HAVE BEEN THERE…

    1. I looked, I could not find any of the seven words you can’t say on TV. Sorry to be so blunt though. Ugly people always feel pretty people are judging them, Fat people always feel skinny people are judging them. I wasn’t judging you or anybody, I wrote the idea down and everybody judges themselves.

      1. You must have been, or you just didnt read my post. I mention I just got my Ged and you said go to taco bell they want a manager, like they would hire me to manage their store with no experience and no education,,, or did you think I was someone else. No swear words , then why did they remove two of your post. The one word you mention should keep you from attending a school, any school.

  11. Chris, as far as the jobs in the newspapers and the one stop centers–they are looking for RN’s, engineers, jobs that require degrees or scam jobs where they want you to invest money, then there’s those seasonal jobs that pay min wage and are part-tme–or working for the armed forces where they have an age limit–why do you think we are going to college

  12. Yea, I went to college and got a Business Degree. Things changed at work and away I went. So now I am back in college for a different degree all together so I can give back to my community. I had to move back with my parents to be able to make my car payment. I owe too much on my car to even try to sell it. I’m stuck. My life has always been hard and I have always fought to get what I have and worked hard to get there. I have disabilities but I am still trying. I don’t appreciate being judged by someone whom I have never even met. I would be glad to take a job at Wal-Mart or anywhere for that matter. They always say that they can’t pay me what I’m worth. Well, I’m not worth anything if I can’t get a job! I am willing to take a pay! The highest I have EVER made was this last job I had and I was finally at $15/hr. Chris, you must not be reading what we are all saying. We HAVE worked hard jobs and for little pay. No pitty party for you. I am just saying, give us all a fair chance. Taco Bell won’t hire me because of being “over qualified”. I have tried all over. You have no right to judge anyone, especially those you don’t even know!!!

  13. I dont have any problem with Chris taking the road of $10 an hour and sitting on state assitance and going to school. Becuase you are working and going to school. It is just that wether people were relying on unemployment or in your case working a lower wage job and taking subsidised help we are all in a very simliar circumstance and should be doing what we can to help each other instead of causing harm.

    We are all in the same boat and it take only one person to rock the boat or do something to sink it , Is there enough life jackets?

  14. I think the members of Congress should not be allowed to take their vacations until the unemployment mess is resolved. Why should they be paid their huge salaries, get their deluxe health care that they get for life, and be able to take vacations when their constituents don’t have any money to pay their mortgage or rent payments??? I think every politician should have to try to live on minimum wage, or I would even say $10 an hour and have the crappy health insurance that I have (which ends with my severance pay in Nov and I have no idea what to do). They sit up there high and mighty voting against things that the people need to survive knowing that it won’t hurt their wallets! If they don’t pass this soon, all of congress needs to be cleaned out and new people put in who are in touch with the reality that is this economy!!

  15. Everyone is upset because most of us are in the same boat. I, too, worked for years, saved, paid my bills, bought a home, ect. The rug got pulled out from under me. None of us asked for this. Just remember what your representatives have done (or not done, in this case) when it is time to go to the polls. GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE! Remove the people who represent us that you feel are out of touch with what we need. If you are not registered to vote, or do not vote YOU DO NOT GET TO COMPLAIN! Make your voice really heard.

  16. Thanks everyone for submitting all of your comments. I believe that Judy is ABSOLUTELY right!!! We cannot sit and complain if we don’t do something about this. Vote, Vote, Vote!!! I have already told my family not to expect me to allow ANYONE presently in office to return. YOU’RE FIRED!!! I have not party preference so, anyone who is presently in, democrat or repulican, you are out in my book. Also, I have written both of Ohio’s senators and my congressmen (Crawford County). I don’t know if it has done any good, but, I sure felt alot better venting. Senator Brown of Ohio (Dem) did vote for the extension but Mr. Voinovich (Rep) voted against it. P.S. He was also one of the politicians that enabled Art Modell to take the Browns to Baltimore (at least that’s what my husband has told me, and he NEVER forgets!!!) There is no good in anything that is presently happening in Washington. Like I said, We DON’t want a hand-out. But, the first time there is a natural disaster in another country and the good ole’ USA offers millions in aid……Now that will be a real kick in the….butt!

  17. I’ll be at out there voting this year as I have in the past–I started out a dem, got fed up with them–turned repub–about fed up with them–my new party is the anti-incumbent party–if they won’t put term limits on themselves–it’s up to us to vote them out–give them the pink slip like we all have received–after all, that’s too much power for any person to have –some of them have been in for 20-30 years—too long for my liking

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