Traveling the World

In my office I have been called a world traveler because I recently went on my second out-of-country mission trip. For two weeks in May I went to Bangkok, Thailand. This was a trip scheduled through my other school.  So our group of 21 total- 17 girls, 1 boy, 1 Adult male leader, and 2 female Adult leaders-set out from Chicago, IL up and over Alaska and then down to Tokyo, Japan. Our trip was slightly halted before it began because our plane broke in Chicago so this caused us to spend the night in Japan and break up our travel a little. So after a great night in Japan, we were actually on our way to Thailand.

As soon as we stepped out of the airport, we experienced extreme heat and a Buddhist influence. While we were there, we mostly worked with disabled children at Rainbow House. This is a foundation run by CCD (Christian Care for Disabled Children) that gives the children therapy in hopes that one day they may be adopted. The children quickly stole our hearts the more we spent time with them. We had a lot of fun on our trip with balancing our helping along with being tourists.  We got to take 2 different canal boat tours, ride a river taxi, several varieties of buses, tuk-tuks, and best of all, we got to ride elephants! We also attended a cultural show, ate authentic Thai food, and visited a local orchid farm. All of our experiences truly made our trip worthwhile. I won’t lie, there were also some emotionally difficult things that we have to process still. Some images will be with me forever. I’m very grateful for this experience to learn and grow as a person. Now if you are interested in traveling there are some options for students from a smaller school. I suggest you take a look at these websites or do your own search: , , .

Best of Luck and Happy Travels!

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