Unwanted Guests

I would like you to meet my little friend (see below).  This mosquito and hundreds of his little buddies have decided to call my yard home this year.  I would like to evict this little guy and his buzzing little brood from my yard.  I have tried many different things to give them the boot but nothing is currently working.  I have taken down any and all weeds from the yard and I have made sure there is no standing water anywhere on the property.  My family and I have practically bathed in Deep Woods Off and various other bug sprays only to become woodsy smelling lunches for these mosquitoes.  I have tried the citronella candles and still have not noticed any significant decrease in the number of attacks.  I truly think the stinky candles just provide the mosquitoes with mood lighting for their group dinner dates on my family and me.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to try to do to end the nightly assault of the mosquitoes before I have to make a trip to the blood bank?  I won’t even consider inviting bats by building houses so let’s not  even go there!


One thought on “Unwanted Guests

  1. Hello! Recently we had an outdoor reception for my brother’s wedding at a location that was SWARMING with misquitoes. My dad fogged the property like they do in the cities. I don’t believe it was overly expensive and it was relatively easy!

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