It’s Over…..

No more wearing scrubs to class, no more early mornings hoping that we can make it to Marion by 8:00 a.m., no more laughing at each other while trying to use crutches, no more making each other bleed, no more giving each other injections, and no more blood pressure cuffs….At least at MTC for the “graduating” Medical Assisting class.  If we haven’t already finished the summer practicum, we will be doing so soon.   Everyone seems to be having a great time using what we learned in class on REAL LIVE patients.  Some have even been offered jobs.  Being away from our classmates and instructors was very scary at first but, after less than a week at our “home away from Peggy and Nancy”, we seemed to have adjusted quite well.  I’m sure that both Peggy and Nancy have the empty nest syndrome from losing all of us at the same time but, they too will adjust.  They might even be able to take a vacation without interruption (I didn’t do that!!).  Anyway, to all the great gals in the MA class of 2010, I truely hope that you have found your calling and are extremely successful at your new jobs and just like in class on a bad day…Don’t ever let ’em see ya sweat!!

With Love and Support, Cara

P.S. If you are going onto get the Medical Assisting Associate Degree, I’ll see you at school in September at 8 a.m. (Oh, NO!!)


One thought on “It’s Over…..

  1. Cara,
    Thank you for the lovely post! I am sure going to miss everyone! I too have a few more classes to finish up my Associates. I hope to see you on campus! Good Luck!

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