Textbook costs are ridiculous

I have to repeat a couple of classes from last quarter.  Only one of them will require me to buy ALL NEW materials and I think I can get used books for the others.  Tell me then, why in the world do I have to pay over $500 for books, even when some of them are used???  I think maybe I should become a book writer and rip off people struggling to go through school who have families at home and hardly have enough money to put food on the table and clothes on their two year old, along with diapers.

Maybe I should consider renting my textbooks?

Share your experiences with purchasing textbooks and let me know if you have any ideas to get them at a more affordable rate.


10 thoughts on “Textbook costs are ridiculous

  1. I agree with you totally about the horribly high cost of the books that are at the book store. I am typically paying about 1/3 of the cost of my tuition for my books and I buy most of them used. Then you get ripped off even more when you try to sell your books back, and they give you $10.00 for a book you pay over $100.00 for. I think that MTC needs to have a book store of there own because MTC students are being ripped off by the OSU bookstore. I know my sister goes to another college and gets at least 1/2 of the purchase price of her books back. Why can’t that happen with our book store?

  2. I was going to another college and transferred to MTC, and the bookstores are basically about the same–the other college didn’t give me much back either, it depends on what the course is and when you take them back–one day can make a difference-for example, I was going to take an english book back one day and she said if I waited til the next day, I wouldn’t get as much–depends on how many they need for the next qtr–then they change books too often and some you won’t even get anything for–there’s got to be a better way

  3. I was just asked by a fellow PTK member if there is a place to “post” your used books for sale. We are possibly considering getting this going. Hope that it works!!!! When your books cost almost as much as classes, who can afford it?? Thanks for getting the word out!!

  4. I completely agree! I have priced my books for fall and IF I get all that I need used I am looking around $422 for 3(three) classes! This is crazy! And it is very true that you hardly get any money for your books if you see them back. I usually try to find me books on amazon.com

  5. I rented my books for the summer quarter, and it was totally cheaper then buying books and going through the whole mess of buy one book for 140 dollars and only get 12 dollars back if you sell it back. many of the book renting sites have it to where you dont even have to pay for the shipping back to them, you just have to pay for the package that you send them back to. that is unless you have a spare box laying around the house someplace. I found that renting them was so much more easier then it was to buy them and cheaper too. The psychology 1120A book, it 66 dollars new at the book store and 49.50 used. I rented the book for the quarter for 17.00. SO i hope this gives some of you some help.

  6. Christine,

    That’s great information to have. Could you share with us where you rented your textbooks from? This could help other students if they wanted to follow your lead. Could you provide us with the weblink to the company you rented from?

  7. I agree that renting textbooks could be good! But I keep the books that I know I will use in the future! My field is software development! So I keep all my software development books! I know that I will use these books in the future! The other books like financial accounting, I will probably never ever use again! So on the other hand renting those kind of books would be an advantage!
    Overall I agree books are getting ridiculously high! I have to pay over $400 for four classes, for the next quarter. My question is what is MTC doing to try and keep the cost of books down? Does MTC do comparative shopping? Can we use different book companies, vendors etc.?

  8. I recently rented my books from Bookrenter.com My original cost for summer quarter for new and used books for 3 classes was going to be over $300. I ordered the same books from bookrenter.com and my cost was $101. Quite a savings considering the fact when you purchase a new or used book for a class that is required but no other future needs. When you attempt to resell the books to the bookstore, the buy back amount is a very small fraction of the original price. So, basically you are renting books for a huge expense. And that also is contingent on the fact that they mite not even buy the book back at all. I was very staisifed with book renting experience.

  9. I have found you can buy international editions of some of the textbooks from the online sellers such as amazon.com and textbooksrus.com and others. These editions have a different cover but have exactly the same content. The pricing difference is great, about from 40-70%. The book I recently bought for $27 I saved $50.00 from purchasing at bookstore for $77! The shipping was free since purchase was over $25. I then resell the ones I don’t want to keep on half.com or amazon. If I price a little below the others posted I usually have good luck in selling the book, this gives me money for the next quarters book purchases!

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