My “Secret” Other Life

I’m guessing the title of this post caught your attention!  I’ll bet you think that I’m going to tell you that I’m some kind of “closet” something or that maybe I’m, oh I don’t know, an undercover FBI agent.  Now that’s funny.  I can’t even find my shoes half of the time, the FBI???   Right, LOL!!  Anyway, my “other” life after school is very artistic and something that I really enjoy doing.   My husband, kids, and I are all Primitive Wood Crafters.  It all started when our kids were little and we needed extra cash for Christmas.  My husband would cut out the wood, the kids sanded, and I finished up the rest.  We did 5 to 6 Fall and Christmas craft shows a year and then quit until the next summer.  Was it hard??  Sometimes, yeah, it would be overwhelming but, the kids never complained on Christmas morning!!  Now that the kids are grown, we (my husband and I) still do it.  Not as much but, a couple of shows every Fall.  I guess that I like making the stuff and really, it keeps me off of the streets!!  So, if you happen to call my house and my husband or son tell you that I’m in the dungeon, don’t call 9-1-1.  That’s the basement and my little “studio” where I paint.  Like I said, keeps me off of the streets.

FYI:  For any of you that are interested or know someone who is a crafter,  Bucyrus Boosters are holding a show (2nd year) at Bucyrus High School on October 30th from 8 to 2p.m.  Spaces are $35.00 each and all are in the gym.  THEY NEED CRAFTERS WITH QUALITY STUFF!!!!!   If you are interested call Nicole Moore @ 419-562-3888 or email her at:  This is the only really good Fall/Christmas show in Bucyrus so, there should be a lot of traffic.  Good Luck!!


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