Why do I have to know why 4x (251-5+357*4) =21?

So I passed my first math class with a couple of new gray hairs and frown lines.  Now I have to take the next one MTH1110 and it is an online class.  I am a little worried that this class will be even worse than the first one.  I really question why this class is even in my curriculum as I am taking the HIT program not math, engineering or another field that would require me to figure out unknown variables.  In my chosen field of study I need to know codes and a list of fees charged for services rendered…you know, set variables.  Why do I have to know why 4x (251-5+357*4) = 21?  How is knowing how to solve this problem really going to make my life simpler?  I say it is not going to and that in all actuality it is just going to make my life more complicated for the next 11 weeks.  I have discussed this with many of my friends and we have all concluded that yes, everyone on earth needs to know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide but as for the algebra portion of math none of us can ever remember using it in our day-to-day life, other than in high school or in a $428.00 college math class.  Oh, my best guess for the answer of that question is x=-412.75.  Let me know if I am wrong.


10 thoughts on “Why do I have to know why 4x (251-5+357*4) =21?

  1. Math is everywhere in the world, not just math degrees. Think about it… you need math in order to find out how much gas you will need in order to last through the week, and you only have a certain amount. so then you have to use math to decide whether you are going to have enough money to get gas and that new shirt.

  2. Ha! I have to do the same class, I actually am coming to campus for this class. I have no idea why either, but sometimes you just do what ya gotta do! I’ll be crying right along with you.

  3. I am taking the same class online. I figure, I need to take it because the college says so. I want my future career and I am willing to earn atleast a “c” in mth1110 to prove it. ha ha.

  4. I was just discussing this with a friend last night over dinner. She and her husband own a medical supply company. She just hired an employee that was working on a shipment for a customer. The customer wanted to order 65 items of a product. Each shipment box fits 15 items per box. The employee had a hard time trying to solve this “word problem” and figure out how many boxes were needed to ship this order. My friend was not happy that she did not have the basic algebra skills to solve this equation. Many students understand the skills to add, subtract, multiply, and divide are important, but being able to apply knowlege to a real-life situation is even more important. (An Algebra problem) That is exactly why Algebra was developed. To make our lives easier not harder. I hope to show this to the students that take my classes at MTC. I plan on having my class meet at the grocery store to show them by knowing how to calculate rates quickly, can same them money.

  5. the better question is why is it required to have a 100% on the homework and 80% on quiz and 75% on mid term and final? is not 70 a c?

  6. In reference to the post left by the instructor. I feel that the kind of math you are talking about is basic division. I personally do not have any issues with that I am talking about the relevance of things such as polynomials and so on. As I stated in the initial post I feel that everyone should know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. They should also know fractions, decimals, ratios and how to solve a basic algebra. The things I am question the usefulness of are the things that are beyond this. I would like an example of when in your or my lifes that we may use a polynomial other than in math class.

    Rob, I too questioned why this standard is put on these classes, the last time I check a 70 was definately passing.

    Instructor can you shed some light on this for us please. Thanks in advance.

  7. I view learning the intricacies of algebra as a great brain exerciser. There are certain areas of the brain that do not function well if they are not used. Algebra is all about learning the basic methods and using them to find a solution to a given situation. The analytical part of the brain is being exercised. Almost any career has situations where employees have to take what they know and analyze how to arrive at the necessary outcome. You may not be using x, y, and z, but you are using the same area of your brain. Algebra is a great way to develop sharp analytical skills, and this is what employers are looking for. I hope I can help you have fun learning to exercise your brain and consider me your personal trainer!

  8. My thing is not only does it cost 428.00 for the class, it also costs 75 for the access card or 175.00 for the book and the card, and its the same amount for each math class you take. I think it should be a one time only fee, has anyone else noticed this overcharge?????

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