The Fresh Smell of a New Quarter!

The leaves are beginning to change, our days and nights are becoming cooler and our schedules slightly busier!  This can only mean one thing-Fall Quarter!  I suppose it’s taking the summer off, I’m not really sure, but I actually enjoy this time of year!  It could also be that when I was younger and would start a new school year, my mom hyped it up so much, it felt almost like Christmas!  We would make a big deal about going to the store, picking out school supplies and new clothes, it’s no wonder I enjoyed the freshness of everything.  However, in about a week or so, everything starts to settle into a routine-hopefully-and that “new car smell” starts to wear off.  Things don’t seem as exciting anymore and can actually feel overwhelming.  It’s important to remember though to slow down, breathe, and remember this one thing….you’re not alone!

Though I didn’t actually have class today, I decided to log in to Blackboard and check out my classes I will have this quarter, to see what was posted.  I was a little excited that I was going to be adding this to my routine so I had a slight smile on my face when I logged in.  My smile wore off as I pulled up my classes and checked out each syllabus for my classes to see that things are going to be a little more involved than what I was anticipating.  I also just started a new job, took on additional responsibilities with my youth group at church, and decided to switch my major.  Am I alone?  Absolutely not.  I know not everything is the same for others, but we all share in the fact that it seems like sometimes everything piles up at once.

I decided to help all of us by Googling some quick stress relief tips and found There are five quick tips included to ways to quickly calm down.  My personal favorite is take a walk, you can really take the time to think and just try to relax in almost whatever setting you chose, within reason obviously.  Find your favorite!  Take advantage of the tips and don’t let yourself get stressed!


4 thoughts on “The Fresh Smell of a New Quarter!

  1. Thank you for your words, it is nice to know that there are others going thru exactly what you are going thru! Dont pay attention to comments from others that are discouraging. I actually appreciated that you took the time to say what alot of us are feeling! I am a mom of 3, going to school full time, packing to move, football practices and all that!! So yes I can totally relate! As for God, well I feel sorry for those that havent seen yet, for one day they will!

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