Welcome Back…..to Sticker Shock!!

I would like to formally welcome all returning and New students to Fall Quarter 2010 at Marion Tech..  We have a great campus and wonderful instructors.  This is my second and final year at MTC and I know how hard it is to buckle down and study after being off for a while but, now is the time kids.  One thing though….don’t bother going to the student lounges and planning on purchasing a pop or water for $1.25 any more.  The price has gone up more than 10% to a whopping $1.40.  And, if you’re hungry, plan on paying  .95 cents for a bag of chips.  I don’t know about the rest of you but, I’m really upset about the price jump.  I can go to McDonalds and buy a burger and fries off the doller menu and still be cheaper than the vending machines at MTC.  I know how much pop costs at the store.  I go grocery shopping every week and it definately hasn’t gone up that much and neither have the chips.  But, just like everything else, prices are going up.  Too bad we aren’t making more money.  I’ll just have to stop at Walmart and buy a pop before school (still at $1.25 there!!!!).   Hope this isn’t a precursor to the possible cafe’ that is being tossed around.  If the vending machines are any indication, eating at school will be more expensive than lunch at Red Lobster.  Anyway, have a great fall quarter at MTC and B.Y.O.P.!!


16 thoughts on “Welcome Back…..to Sticker Shock!!

  1. It really is quite ridiculous. Speak with your wallet! I just stop by a gas station and load up before school. Chips for a dollar! Jesus!

  2. I like Powerade, and buy it in 8 packs at the grocery and bring it with me in my book bag. I eat before I come to school or stick snack bars or something in my bag as well. Saves me a lot of money. Everything just keeps going up!

    1. I know, it sucks. I’m not in school because I have a job, it’s because I lost my job. If they don’t “put it to ya” in tuition and books, why not add the vending machines too!!

  3. Vending machines are an item of convenience and it is not mandatory that they are provided to us. I think that it is important to remember that there is a fee associated with the vending machine, the electric to operate the vending machine, the staff member that is responsible for stocking it and the person who is then responsible for cleaning up the break area. Yes, the cost went up $.15 on a bottle of soda. Honestlly, you pay more than that at a hotel, hospital and we won’t even attempt to discuss the variation in pricing at entertainment venues. You are on the right track in your thinking. Bring your own from home. I usually do,. but sometimes I am running behind or decide that it is a two Diet Pepsi night. Again, the machines are convenient for us to choose that. If they weren’t there and I stopped at Walmart prior to arrival or forgot it at home…It would make for a very long night. Continue to be proactive in figuring out the little things… It makes life much more enjoyable!!

  4. Michelle, eat one okay? Vending machines survived making $1.25 loooong before MTC decided to jack up the price. They still do. The only places you see pop as high as $1.40 are in amusement parks and turnpike plazas. This is a joke and I’m not even sure I want to attend this school because of this and other signs of greed MTC has shown.

  5. Seriously? Signs of greed? I stopped at my local Duke Gas Stateion this morning solely for the purpose of purchasing a bottle of soda to see what the price was. A bottle of Pepsi, including the tax was $1.59. I asked and they said from time to time they do run a 2 for $2.22 special, but then you have to add tax into that. That special isn’t on that often.

    Haven you given thought to the fact that perhaps there was an increase due to an increase for what the school had to pay? Be proactive instead of reactive. Investigate and ask questions before you assume. I spent many years helping our local athletic boosters. I know that four years ago, we were paying $1.05 for a bottle and then reselling for $1.50. Go to your hometown football game this weekend and tell me what you pay for a bottle of soda.

  6. I just went to samsclub.com and checked out the price on Pepsi 24oz bottles. You can purchase, with a Sam’s regular membership, a 24 pack for $14.18. That calculates out to .59 cents per bottle. I know that you have to mark up the price of items to make money but over 200%??? And, to top it all off, most food companies can purchase the products at wholesale prices. That’s alot less than we pay at Sam’s club. The same vending company that we have at MTC was also at my former place of employment. They also kept periodically raising the price on food and beverages there. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy that we have something.

  7. So, would you be the one volunteering to go to Sam’s Club and pick the product up? Where would it be stored? Would you be available to go pick it up weekly? Will you be willing to pay the cost for becoming a Sam’s Club member? How much would you charger? How much would that make it per bottle then? A more accurate way for your to cost this out would be to call a distributor direct and ask what they would charge for delivery of the product. For the record…Pepsi at Walmart…$1.48. Kinda odd that Sam’s Club (a division of Walmart) is selling it for .59 a bottle but it’s sister company over 200% more…hmmmm…

  8. That’s true. Walmart does charge that much per bottle in the store in by the cash registers but, how much is Walmart making per bottle?? I know that it doesn’t cost $8.88 (6 x 1.48) for a six-pack in the grocery section at Walmart. All these places, even the “food vendors” can purchase these products at wholesale prices which is below what we pay at the grocery store or in other vending machines. Yeah, when I go to the Colonel Crawford football game Friday night, I’ll pay $1.50 per bottle BUT, it’s going toward the Music Boosters not some corporations pocket. And, forget going to the Indians game, a concert, or even the zoo, you know you’re going to get taken there. Bottom line is…why more??

  9. You win…I have to many things to do to try and rationalize with you. I would say, go to Sam’s Club, stock up and then you won’t have to worry about it.

    1. MTC was as shocked as our students were when the vending machine “vendor” raised the prices so much! We enter into contracts with vendors for a certain period of time. The facility staff here at the college are currently researching other options for replacing this vendor who raised the prices so drastically.

      A lesson for all of you who made comments above would be not to jump to conclusions until you have all of the facts…..and don’t personally attack each other. Work together to come up with a solution to whatever the problem is. That’s a win-win for everybody!!

  10. I’ve been following this thread and Michelle I would just leave it alone. The maturity level of Anonymous and Burkett is showing. Let life kick these two around a few times and gain some life experience. Eventually they will see outside of their tunnel.

  11. Who has time to argue back & forth on here. I am swamped w/ studying. If u can get pop cheaper elsewhere go for it. If not, pay the higher price & deal w/ it. It is a matter of convienence. Pop is not good for u anyway 😛 DRINK WATER…24 bottles for like 4 bucks if that!!!!!

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