Yup, here we are again and it wouldn’t be the MTC Insider if REBEL didn’t lash out at the MTC students who are lazy!! Yes, once again, I see people parking in the visitors parking spaces.  One has to ask where is the campus police in this matter?  I remember back when I got my ticket and I was just dropping off papers, but still got a ticket.  As I stood outside just today I saw lazy people parking in the visitor spaces and when I walked into the computer lab I saw them on the computer playing.  Grrrrrrr….My gears are grindin’ on this issue once again.  I’m just sayin’, park in the student lot just live everyone else.  Walking does the body good!

20 thoughts on “STILL GRINDIN MY GEARS…

  1. The faculty parking lot should open up to students. There is no reason all parking lots shouldn’t be open to everyone. I pay A LOT of money to go to school, this is ridiculous. I might take my education elsewhere if this and the $1.40 pop doesn’t end NOW.

    1. A lot of money? $107 per credit hour isn’t a lot. The parking fee is only $8. Go to OSU Columbus, pay $200 for a parking pass, walk even further to class, then lets hear you complain about a 200yd walk. You are a moron.

  2. Maybe I can provide another perspective on the issue. I was one of those people the other day. After walking back to the parking lot I realized I had forgotten to sign out in the Math Lab. I have surgery scheduled for Dec. 6 to repair torn ligaments and tendons in my ankle, it needs done now, but I have to wait til the quarter ends. Walking on it too much causes a lot of pain and swelling. Rather than walk clear back up just to run in and sign out of Math Lab, I parked in a visitor spot, and was in and out in about 2 minutes.

    It was never my intent to cause anyone an inconvenience, it just seemed the simplest way to accomplish what I needed to do without further damaging an already painful ankle.

    1. Not sure if you’re aware of it (and this applies not just for MTC but also everywhere else) – but if you have trouble walking long distances because of a medical issue your doctor can issue you a perscription to get either a temporary or long-term parking placard from the BMV. You can have one for anywhere from 2 months to 5 years and it allows you to park in the handicapped spots. They used to be only $3.50, but I’m not sure if the state has raised those prices on top of their other rate raises.

  3. Anon here again. Finally dropped all of my classes. Heading to BGSU where they actually put students above all else. Faculty parking and $1.40 pop! What a joke!

      1. Yeah, $8 is putting the faculty on easy street. OSU Columbus charges an $80 rec fee even if you do use any of the rec centers. Quit your complaining.

  4. In my opinion, you can mind your own business about how students park. Most of us park on the “OSU” side regardless because MTC parking arrangements are so stupid right now. Seriously, you have to walk ALLLLL the way around just to go to the library from your lot, lame, ridiculous and case in point, STUPID.

    OSU students pay NO parking fees — Odd? OSU is also more respected as “branch” schools as well, what is the point of going to MTC after you achieve your core classes that can transfer? No point, exactly. If you don’t like how people are parking in the OSU or “Visitor” spots — Change schools.

    Just to “lash” back at “REBEL”proof reading is a good idea, okay? Okay.
    If you are trying to be witty and broadcast a message, you need to proof read your pile of whiny complaints.

    1. For one I type the way I do for a reason. its to get people like yourself to respond and GUESS WHAT? YOU DID. anyway I say what I say because this in this world are either right or wrong. and if you don’t get it now one will never. Everyone has a place to park yes some more spaces are needed, but if you or I have to park on the SOUTH 40 why shouldnt everyone else? I’M JUST SAYING. now hows that?

  5. wow.. of all the things to complain about!! I understand the being mad over the ticket if just dropping off papers, isn’t that what the visitor spots are for? Using them just to b closer when in the lab is lazy! And the whole $1.40 pop.. get over it people! the school doesnt have any control over that and the machines are there for our convinence! If you dont want to pay it dont, bring your own or go to BP down the road and pay the $1.30..
    wow people there are real problems in the world quit whinning!!

      1. you are right I wouldn’t drop out of MTC because of the parking or the prices of a soda, but I do blog about things I see and well as you can tell I’m bit of a crap starter. and I like it that way :O)

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