VOTE!!! But do your homework first….

Monday October 4th was the last day to register to vote in Ohio for the November election.  That day has since passed but your responsibility as a citizen has not.  With all the issues that we are facing, it has become increasingly more important to utilize your right to vote.  I realize that it’s a month away till November 2nd but we must make the most of this time to research the candidates and issues.  We cannot afford to sit back and complain about the way that our city, county, state, or country is being governed.  The good ‘ole days are now gone and the odds too high.  Decisions made now will affect not only us but also our kids and grandkids.  I don’t want to hear that “my vote doesn’t matter” or “I didn’t have time to go vote”.  Those, my fellow citizens, are called cop-outs.  We have veterans who have put their lives on the line, both in the past and present, to give you the right to vote.   So, with that all being said…you have the next 28 days to become informed and make a decision that is right for you.   Don’t let this important opportunity slip through your hands!!

5 thoughts on “VOTE!!! But do your homework first….

  1. Uhhh how is any veteran putting their life on the line to allow me to vote? I’m not sure how some arab dude is encroaching on my freedom. Don’t give soldiers more credit then they deserve. No single person has fought for the freedom of the United States since the war of 1812.

  2. Since you’re worried about saying something as insulting as you did without signing it, I’ll call you Anonymous.

    Dear Anonymous,

    Just what country do you live in? Even since before 9/11, some “arab dude” has been attempting to encroach on everything most of us believe in, simply because we don’t live like they think we should. Every veteran has had a hand in keeping your freedom and mine, and many more who will be veterans if they live through their deployment will as well.

    So, if you don’t mind, I’ll make a suggestion. Since you are obviously entitled to your opinion, and have the FREEDOM to express it, I will suggest this…..go live in some third world country where those freedoms and many more don’t exist for a while. Maybe then you will appreciate what you do have here. In fact, I would be willing to bet I could take up a collection for your plane fare and have plenty left over.

    One more…..don’t bother to vote. Ignorance at the polls makes for lousy politics.

  3. Both of you idiots are wrong. Soldiers haven’t fought for our freedom since WWII – the last time anyone was actually interested in taking over any part of America. Since then we have fought for other countries’ freedom. “Some Arab Dude” – love you stupidity there – simply wanted to destroy our faith of what we believe in, not take away our freedom. Frankly bin Laden wasn’t attacking our freedom and the wars in Afgan. and Iraq, aren’t fights for our freedom but fights for their freedom.

    @Anonymous: You’re an idoitic a-hole that should go live under an oppresive regime to give you a little bit more appreciation of the freedom we have.

    @Judy: Lay off the Fox News for bit. Nothing about us in the Middle East has to do with maintaining our freedom. It’s about freeing them. Other countries that are as free as us have terror attacks too and those attacks don’t take away their freedom. Idiot.

  4. Anonymous part Deux,

    For your info, I do not watch Fox News. I learn from many different sources. You should learn from a spelling source somewhere. Yours is elementary level.

    If you don’t think the radicals causing all the problems in the middle east would do everything in their power to take away all our civil liberties if they could, you are not paying attention. The fact that we are free to pursue whatever makes us happy in life is why they despise us. Yes, the wars in the middle east (Afganistan, anyway) are about liberating the people there who want to be free, but it is also about making sure the radicals do not gain enough power to do even more damage on our soil than they have already done.

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