Stimulus Help??

When considering which candidates to put into office this year, I am asking myself….did the Economic Stimulus help or not??  Well, it did create jobs, some.  It helped Marion Tech by financing more students’ education due to job loss.  The Stimulus repaired roads in Bucyrus and many other communities.  It financed additional unemployment benefits.  It kept more people in their homes rather than living in the streets.  BUT, did the Stimulus help.  I’m not sure if we will ever know the answer to that question.  As of right now, I would say NO but, what shape would we be in now if the Economic Stimulus had not been created?  I don’t know and I’m now realizing that I probably never will.  I will be told, by the left or the right, two entirely different answers with neither one being the complete truth.  One thing that is true, our American dollar is worth a whole lot less now than it was.  All you have to do is go to the grocery store to see that.  My family isn’t making any more money than before.  If anything, we’re making less.  Is that because of the Stimulus?  These are all things that I have to consider before entering the polls.  We don’t need any more bailouts, we need recovery….Soon!

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