Knox County tragedy – Thank you law enforcement

After the events in the past 10 days, I would like to give a “thumbs-up” to the students of the criminal justice program.  The horrible deaths of Tina Hermann, Cody Maynard, and Stephanie Sprang, plus the kidnapping of Sarah Maynard have left a unfillable void to not only residents of Knox County, but the entire state of Ohio.  How a person can be considered a suspect after confessing to a crime is beyond my comprehension.  The law enforcement officials showed considerable restraint when dealing with the “accused” Matthew Hoffman.  I KNOW that in the same situation, I could not act in the same manner.  You think that water-boarding was a problem….just wait till Mr. Hoffman saw me in action.  If I would have found Sarah Maynard gagged and tied-up in Matthew Hoffman’s basement and then he refused to talk by lawyering-up, there would have been h-ll to pay.   I guess that I’m old-school.  We still got out butt spanked by our parents and everyone in our neighborhoods and communities held us accountable for our actions.  It seems that this isn’t the case anymore.  For every action, good or bad, there is a reason.  Someone else to blame.   If someone does the crime, why is there a reason for the action?  As far as I’m concerned, we are all accountable for our actions.  I don’t care what your childhood was like or how you were “mistreated” in school.  You, and only you, decide how you will act on any given day.  Will you be a respectable citizen or act as a criminal??  Only you can decide.  Sometimes it would be easier to take the unlawful way out but, does that make it right.  The only way I can answer that question is, what would your parents, siblings, spouse, kids, and friends think?  All I do know is that one day we will be held accountable for our actions and there won’t be ANY acceptable excuses.  So, on this Thanksgiving week, I would personally like to extend my graditude and sincere thanks to all employees and students of the criminal justice system.  Thanks for doing a job that is not only extremely overwhelming but always difficult.  Thank you for showing restraint when I know it is tough.  Thanks for doing a great job.  Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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