Is Santa Real?

 “Is Santa Real?”  This is the question that my eight year old daughter posed to me in the middle of Meijer the other day.  As her father and I picked our jaws up off the floor, I asked her what would make her think that he wasn’t real.  Well come to find out some junior high boy on the bus posed the question to the little kids.  So I asked my daughter how she had replied to the question.  She said that she didn’t know, that half the kids on the bus believe and the other half doesn’t.  So in order to salvage one final Christmas with her believing in Santa I asked her if Santa had ever given her any reason to doubt him.  No, was the answer that I got.  I told her as far as I knew he is real because once you stop believing in him he stops bringing you presents.  I guess I wanted the magic of Christmas to continue for all of us for a little while longer.

 I am now questioning my decision to handle this situation the way that I did, should I have just told her the truth that her dad and I are her Santa?  I am not sure what to say or do the next time I am asked this question, any ideas?


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