Are Ya Ready??

Welcome back everyone.  I hope that you had a great break and are ready to tackel winter quarter at MTC.  Just for your information, I’m not that thrilled but, it beats sitting around and gaining another 10 pounds.  I can’t really complain about the weather being bad since every one around us is having blizzards and we are dodging them.   We spent the Christmas holiday in sunny Florida and believe me, it’s really different not having snow, seeing Pointsettias planted in the flower beds, and eating lobster for Christmas dinner.   With that being said, it’s still nice to be home.  Even dreary Ohio looks nice for a change.   So, time for us to all get in gear and start in again.  We have a couple of nasty, snowy, cold months ahead of us but, by the end of the quarter, it will be getting warm again.  See, now starting school again isn’t looking so bad is it??  Remember, look at the cup as half-full not half-empty.  Sorry, I’m sounding like my grandma but, she was ALWAYS right.  So, with these little words of wisdom, charge forword students.  Strive for the best.  Good Luck!!!! 

P.S…. and try to have a little fun while you’re at it!!

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