What Have I Done?

Over one week ago, homeless man, Ted Williams of Columbus, Ohio was basically unknown.   To those other than his family, he was just a nameless panhandler on the city streets.  Someone who a lot of us would turn away from but, lo and behold, that dirty, scruffy, deranged (had to be) man has a talent.  He is a human being with something to give; something to offer to society.  Who would have thought that a week ago?  It just so happens that at the same time Ted was being discovered, I was having an “awakening” of sorts.  Feeling kind of low, I was talking to my mom and I made the statement, ” I look back and think, what have I done?  Who will remember me for something, anything?”   Well, I think that my mom wanted to jump through the phone and slap me, “WAKE UP, GIRL!!  What have you done; well, lets start with being a wonderful grand-daughter, daughter, sister,  then go to wife, mom, and friend.  Now you’re a student with a chance to help people every day, make their lives just a little bit better.”  Will I get a video on YouTube with all my accomplishments plastered all over the net and major networks? Probably not but, I have made some great things happen already, and I still have plenty of opportunity to do more in the future.  This is why we all are here.  To make a better world, help each other, and accomplish great things.  Not all of these will be printed in history for all to see and remember, like Ted Williams, if you do one thing, help one person, or even be a great parent to your kids then you have done something wonderful.  Keep all of this in mind when you are, like me, feeling low and wondering why you taking classes at MTC.   You are striving for a goal of accomplishment with each day.  This is what I am doing; what I have done!!

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