My plans for 2011

Well it is the start of a New Year and I am feeling optimistic about this quarter.  I have made a resolution this year to be positive, get to a healthy weight and to enjoy each day.  I know that these are generic resolutions but I think that they are some of the hardest to follow through on.  I know at the start of each of year I make all of these grand resolutions and I never have followed through on any of them until this past year when after 10+ years of smoking I finally quit.  It may have taken me 10 months into 2010 to even attempt this but I did it with no help and I am so proud of myself.  I think that my resolutions for this year are ones that will not only improve my life but those around me as well.  I know that as I get healthier my actions should have a positive impact on my daughter and husband. Having a better more positive attitude should have a positive effect on the people I interact with throughout the day.  The simple task of enjoying each day is probably going to be the hardest for me as I often time forget to just breathe and enjoy each moment of my life.  Often times I have found that I let all of the junk in my life over take me and I don’t embrace the positive things.  So I am publicly announcing my resolutions so that I will be held accountable for them and maybe just maybe this year it will not take me ten months to start trying.  So what were your resolutions this year?


One thought on “My plans for 2011

  1. My plans for 2011 are to go back to school and get a fresh start. I was just recently fired frommy job from someone blackmailing me and setting me up. But I have put that behind me and I am moving on with my life! I want to go back to school to better mylife and open my options to new jobs. I want to start a better life for me and my family!

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