Thank you, stranger

I was having a really bad day and it started at 7:15 a.m. with a frantic call from my son, “Mom, my car just stalled in the middle of the road and it won’t start!”  Well, I’ll tell you that kinda makes you jump out of bed.  He was only 5 miles from home on the way to classes at Ohio State in Columbus.  I grabbed my lovely coveralls, boots, and stocking cap and out the door I went.  By the time I got “on the scene” the boy had already called AAA but he needed my car to get to class on time.  Being the sacrificial mom that I am, I told him to go and I waited in the windy, snowy, cold for over an hour till the tow truck got there.  The guys got the car home and then I remembered that I needed to get to school.  Opps, NO CAR!!!!!  I called a neighbor and he took me the eighteen miles to Marion Tech.  My kid made it to class on time and so did I.  Since my husband works in Marion, I called his shop and told them to give him a message to pick my up after school.  Class let out a little early that day and I needed groceries, so I decided to walk from MTC over to Walmart.  I would leave my husband a text and have him pick my up there instead.  As I started out, it dawned on me that it was really cold and the wind had gotten much stronger.  Another thing, how was I going to get across 95?   I was standing at the light and someone stopped, rolled down their window, and asked me where I was walking to.  I told him Walmart and he told me to get in, he would drive me over.  “It’s too cold for you to be out here walking, get in.”  Well, I am here to tell you that although this day could have done me in emotionally, I was overwhelmed.  There are still kind people out there willing to help someone in need.  If you offer a smile, a kind word, a helping hand, you have made a difference in someone’s life today.  We can all make a difference.  It doesn’t have to be huge.  Something small can turn out to be something great.  Thank-you so very much to my neighbor and the kind person who drove me over to Walmart last week.  Your kindness and generosity made a difference in my life on that  cold, snowy windy day.


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