Thanks to Marion Tech

We all know how trying this winter quarter has been when it comes to the weather.  I, personally, have had it with the snow, ice, rain, and all the other dreary weather combinations that we see here in Ohio.  If you happen to leave the house every day, it has been a new challenge .  Although I absolutely hate the unbearable heat of July, this is a really close second.  With all that we have had to tolerate in the last two months, I would like to send my thanks to the administration and safety services  at Marion Tech and Ohio State Marion.   When the weather gets bad, you have made the decision to cancel classes at both campuses and we, as students,  realize that although this is not the optimal decision, this was the best decision for not only our safety but also for the staff.  Believe me, I love a “snow” day at 46 just like any normal 3rd grader but I know that means the next class we will make up for it.  No one wants to have classes cancelled but, driving in the blizzard like conditions of Friday, February 25th was unthinkable.  So, again, I say a huge “Thank-You” for being willing to go out on a limb and make a tough but safe decision.  Hopefully, this will be the last time you have to this year!!

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