New Quarter, New You!

Have you ever thought about taking classes to further your education?  What made you decide to not take that next step?
Around campus, winter quarter is winding down, which means final projects, papers, presentations and registering for classes. While it can seem overwhelming at times, I am so glad I made the choice to go back to school and push myself towards a college degree. I have made many friends from all different walks of life, expanded my knowledge on different features of computer programs, and found mentors in class instructors. These things are just a few of the many benefits I have found being a student.
I know what it’s like, trying to make a huge life decision like going back to school. As a Student Ambassador, I have talked to adults and teenagers alike who are scared, nervous, anxious, all of the above! But there is no better time than now to take that step! Picking up the phone is the first step towards college graduation! (Or emailing, stopping by, etc)
Just something I was thinking of as this quarter is wrapping up!

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