The “Haves” vs. the “Have Nots”

My friend recently sent me an email with a YouTube link attachment.  The included note only said that I must view this, “It is extremely interesting.”  Usually that kind of email from her doesn’t spike my inquisitiveness, only the occasional eye-roll but, for some unknown reason, I took the bait and clicked on the link.  The YouTube video is a mini-documentary by PBS on the major financial differences of Delaware and Crawford counties.  How both communities, virtually less than 30 years ago, were basically equal and today are worlds apart.  I currently live in Crawford County and have called it home since 1979 (over 30 years ago).  I love being in rural Ohio but, I have also been a witness to the devastation that a loss of manufacturing can bring to a community.   Factories have not only moved production to other countries but have also closed entirely leaving Crawford County deeply wounded.  You will notice, however, that I did not say “mortally” wounded.   We still have fight left in us and won’t go down gracefully.  Will the average medium income ever be $88,000 in Crawford County; probably not but, we know how to make it and survive.  We are fighters in this part of Ohio.  We want the best for our kids and grandkids.  So, all you Marion Tech Students from Crawford County, be proud of where you live.  Show the rest of the state that we won’t always be labled the “Have Nots”.  Bring it home!!


2 thoughts on “The “Haves” vs. the “Have Nots”

  1. Just to let you know, not all of us in Delaware County are “haves”. Maybe the Southern Delaware county residents (Powell, etc.) are, but not all of us. My husband and I are both laid off and risk losing our house (which is no where near worth as much as the houses in Powell.) Frankly, I found your comment somewhat offensive.

    1. Ann, I truly did NOT want to indicate that everyone in Delaware County was rich and living in the lap of luxury. Just like not everyone living in Crawford County is poor and living below average. That is not the case but, according to the report, the two counties DO have vast differences in the standard of living. I realize that no matter where you reside, you can lose your job and become destitute virtually overnight. I lost my job too and that is why I returned to school but I won’t go down without a fight where ever I live; Powell or Bucyrus.

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