Effects of Government Shutdown

What would you be willing to do to earn $476.71, $632.05, or even $1068.49 per day?  I know I would be working very hard at my job and working well with my co-workers.  I would work full days and even overtime without whining.  I would also take my job responsibilities very seriously. 

The monetary amounts cited above are daily salary figures for some of our federal government employees.  The average salary for members of both the Congress and Senate is $174,000 per year, our Vice President makes $230,700 per year, and the President of the United States makes $390,000 per year.  These figures do not include the additional expense accounts that each member of our government gets.  There are 535 members in Congress and the Senate, so their yearly salaries, along with the President and Vice President added together, we are paying these slackers $94,505,400.00 dollars a year to “run” our country.

You would think that with the salaries they are getting paid, our goverperment officials would take their jobs seriously and learn to work together to get a budget put together and passed.  If we were this late on a crucial deadline our bosses would probably fire us.  So do we, as the citizens of the United States of America, need to take a stand and start firing these overpaid, under working employees for their lack of effort in the workforce? 

I do not think for one second that it is acceptable for the government of the United States of American to shutdown.  Many of you will probably say “who cares!”  This does not affect me…but you are wrong.  If the governing bodies don’t work together to get our country’s budget figured out, they will force the closing of many non-essential government offices.  Non-essential government offices and services include: the IRS, National Parks and Museums, along with the pay for military families being stopped.  If the budget isn’t straightened out soon, then what will happen to our Pell Grants?

So…what do you think about this situation?  Let me know!

One thought on “Effects of Government Shutdown

  1. they dont see the reprocussions of their actions because they have money and dont care if we do the government is run by idiots in my opinion thats why i dont vote cause doesnt matter who you put in what office they dont care about the little people like us none of them would last one month in my shoes during this shutdown which in my opinion is just a way for them all to take a paid vacation all at once cause i can almost safely say that hlaf of them spent all day at the golf course today just wait if the military goes to long without paying the soldiers with families whats going to happen when they get kicked to the curb by their landlords cause they cant pay their rent or bills or even feed their families if i were still in the army and they said i wasnt getting paid till it got worked out if congress doesnt have to then why should i . they are just opening up a door for more terrorism is that what they want i dont think so

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