Adult Student Comes To Realize Her True Ability

As I wrap up my first year as a full-time college student at Marion Technical College, I realize that not only have I gained a great educational experience, but I’ve come to learn a lot about myself and my abilities as well…

I certainly fit the definition of non-traditional student, after 25 years out of high school, I’m learning a new career, and have the maturity to realize that I am capable of much more than I ever thought.  That first quarter was a nerve wracking time, deadlines, the unfamiliar classroom settings, and learning to manage my time while completing several online classes.  I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I was able to fall into a comfortable routine that allowed me to get my homework done, maintain my status on the Dean’s List each quarter, and still have time for a life outside of school.  Having worked in a real estate sales career that required a lot of self-motivation, I was prepared with the time management skills necessary to structure my days and remain on schedule.  This was definitely a skill I lacked as a younger student.  My priorities have changed with time, and by staying organized I find that I also enjoy the “student experience” more than I did in the past.  While looking through my old transcripts from previous colleges I attended, it’s obvious by my grades that I’m getting a lot more out of my education the second time around.

I will still be attending school throughout the summer, but look forward to the break between summer and fall as a time to recharge, and get ready to tackle that second year.  Knowing that my degree is waiting at the end of that second year makes all the hours of work well worth the reward.


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