Starting Over Again!!

As I take my last final exam at Marion Tech, I am also turning another page in my life and starting over again.   Having a son in college at the same time as his mother is attending MTC was extremely intimidating but, what choice did I have?  I lost my job and had to start over, somewhere; find a new career because the “old” one didn’t exist anymore.   I would love to say that I was overwhelmingly excited and thrilled to be going back to school but, don’t let anyone fool you, I WAS SCARED TO DEATH.  Scared of failure and the unknown.  After the first week or two, I began to enjoy being a student.  A lot of my classmates had also lost jobs and were looking for a new career.  We helped and encouraged each other through it all and eventually made it!!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two years at MTC and will miss it but now it is time to move on.  Thank you to all the faculty and staff that have made this transition from factory worker to student to GRADUATE flawless.  I will be forever grateful for your encouragement and instruction.  I also know that without the support of my family, none of this would have been possible.  So, with that being said, Good Luck to all 2011 MTC graduates.  It is now time to start over again but this time we are prepared!!

Cara S Burkett  CMA-AAMA,  2011 MTC Gradute

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