Summer Plans in Ohio?

“School is out, school is out, teachers let the monkeys out.”  As a child I remember reciting this on the last day of school each spring.  I remember being completely and utterly overjoyed at the thought of being free from the responsibilities of school for a few months over the summer.  I remember riding bikes and spending endless hours outside playing or even just talking with my sisters.

Now my summers are full of a bunch of work: house work, yard work, school work and just plain work.  I am taking classes this summer so there is no longer summer break for me.  I am, however, looking for quick, inexpensive things to do with my family this summer.  We have done the normal things like going to the zoo, beach and the park.  I want to take my daughter somewhere that she will remember…someplace that is in Ohio and doesn’t cost a great deal of money.  I am looking for ideas.  As a family we like history, oddities and of course a good haunted location.  Is there anyone out there who can help me out?

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