A little magic at the theatre

In my house we are obsessed with Harry Potter.  My daughter discovered the series in the 1st grade   and we have been obsessing over it ever since.  We had missed the first 5 movies so we borrowed, rented and bought them so that we could see the next one in the series in the theatre and be completely caught up so that we would know what was going on.  We have purchased all of the movies now and we were patiently awaiting the final movie in the series.  So, along with millions of other Potter fans, we headed to the theatre this past weekend to see how the series was going to end.

We didn’t go to a big multiplex to get our Potter fix.   We instead opted to go to a one screen theatre in Mount Gilead.  I would recommend going to a small theatre because, unlike the other times we went to the big theatres and stood in line forever to see the movie, we went right in and got wonderful seats.  I also saved a boat load of money because even with two tickets, large popcorn, two sodas and a box of candy, we only paid $22.00.

We sat in the theatre with 12 other people and watched the movie we had been dying to see for over a year “Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 2”.  We held our breath with every danger and cried when beloved characters died.  We loved the movie…it was well worth the money and the wait. I did however find some things confusing though.  I don’t know if it is because we hadn’t read the books or what, but there are a couple of things that I didn’t think were tied up properly.  The part of the movie where Harry went to the white area was strange to me and didn’t feel like it fit in the movie.  The way the movie tied things up with Professor Snape left me with more questions than answers.   Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie but I am wondering if I just didn’t get these parts because I didn’t read the books.  What are your thoughts on the movie?

One thought on “A little magic at the theatre

  1. Hi to a fellow Potter enthusiast! You are right, the scenes you are mentioning would be confusing if you had not read the books. The scene in the white was explained in the book (at least my interpretation) was that Harry had died and was in “limbo” with Dumbledore. The ugly baby thing was the part of Voldemort that had entered Harry when Voldemort tried to kill him as a baby. That is why he could hear what was going on with Voldemort and could talk to snakes. When Harry died, the part of Voldemort that was inside him died and separated from him. Harry made the choice to come back to life instead of going on to Heaven, but left behind the last part of Voldemort (the last horcrux), thereby making Voldemort vulnerable to death. The deal with Snape was that he had been in love with Harry’s mother since they were children and because of that, he had really been protecting Harry all along, even though he acted like he hated him. He killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore’s orders, not because he was a Deatheater. When Harry found this out through putting Snape’s tears into the pensieve, he knew the truth and ended up naming his son after Snape (Albus Severus Potter). If you decide to read the book to clarify the rest, I warn you, it is about 900 pages long and I found the middle part sort of boring but the ending is great (but a little different from the movie).

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