India: Moving on?

As you may have heard, Mumbai, India suffered another round of attacks recently. These were all too close to the attacks that happened just three years ago leaving hundreds hurt and millions terrified. Speaking as someone who has just come from this area (I went to India for 10 days earlier this summer) I am honestly surprised more chaos didn’t take place. This is one place that just has so many people! It could have easily escalated to a stampede possibly injuring many more. The Indian government does not want to claim these attacks as terrorist attacks, but personally I think they are and they were meant to evoke fear. That is simply my personal opinion. One article that I read stated that the home minister said that life was beginning to return to normal for the people there. I’m grateful for this because they don’t deserve to live in fear, but honestly isn’t that what has to happen. We have seen it countless times with many tragedies around the world. Haiti, Japan, and now India have shown that they won’t let disasters keep them down. Check out this article that I read about this topic here.

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