Changing Seasons and Changing Lives

By Student Ambassador, L.P.

While driving to school on Friday, I saw the first glimmer of fall.  A red leafed tree sitting in the distance oh so reminded me of how quickly change occurs once it begins to happen.  That is true with everything.  Many of us are attending school all the while trying to juggle work, children, family, and what little social life we may find the time for.   However, we need to remember that this, just like the fall, is just for a season.  As we grow closer and closer to finishing our program, we begin to change our focus from the just attending class, to trying to visualize ourselves in the workforce, actually working in our career of choice.  Our change, just like the fall, is soon approaching.  As the leaves of our busy lives begin to change and fall, we are simply transitioning from one season into another.

As fall quickly passes into the cold winter months, so will our lives (while in school) pass into a more stressful, but important season.  Winter brings about a sense of things coming to an end, but our focus during that time should be the rebirthing of life that will take place in the spring.

This is my focus, as spring approaches and the cold winter wind begin to change to a calm warm, comforting breeze, I will know that my season of rebirth – my transition from being a student to graduating and achieving the career I am working so hard to reach, is finally at hand.  Without each season our world would be dull, colorless and lifeless – without each passing season in our life our lives would be become mundane, dull, boring.  We need to grow, to change.  We need to not get so focused on the here and now, that we lose all hope our futures.  So as fall approaches, take a deep breath, open your eyes as I have mine, and prepare for the next chapter in our lives to begin.


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