Learning to NOT have a life…

-By MTC Student Ambassador, E.

Every individual that steps foot inside the doors of a college or university is wondering “how will this journey affect my life as I know it?” I was no exception to this, as I have been in college for two years now. I have had a somewhat normal life, as normal as a student’s life can be that is. I work and of course I have family and friends that I love spending my time with. The thing is, I started my first year of nursing this quarter.

I found myself looking at my syllabus and feeling pretty overwhelmed. All of this for only one quarter?! Well I went back to that famous question, “how will this affect my life as I now know it?” I knew starting nursing would make my life busy and somewhat hard to handle, but I love being busy and love what I am learning. I realized that it would have to be ok to not make every family function or to not be able to go out every Friday night with my friends. Free time would have to be a thing of my past. I thought maybe I would find myself overwhelmed with such a big change, because lets face it, I consider myself to be somewhat of a “social butterfly.” I am always getting myself involved in some other activity or group and always finding something to do in the free time that I don’t already have.

The one thing that I have learned, even after only two weeks of being in my program, is that everything I have done up to this point, has definitely been worth every headache and late night of studying. I am finally a nursing student! Finally, I am doing something that I want to be doing and something I LOVE learning about. Every time I had a stress overloaded breakdown, or thought it was time to give up but kept pushing on, was worth it. I have finally made it to where I want to be and in two short years, I will be graduating as an MTC Nursing student.

My advice to those that are waiting to enter their program of choice or even those just starting on the path of higher education, it will happen. Three or four years may seem like an eternity, but it all happens so fast. Cherish everything, because it will be gone before you can even realize it was there. You too, will be starting your programs or will be graduating in the blink of an eye. Keep up the hard work, because the one thing I have realized, is that it’s all worth the stress and hard work. You may not be able to have a life now, but think of the life you will have when you have achieved the degree you set out to.

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