Trying Times

Challenges lie ahead...

Our school year is still in its early stages, but for one person this next month may be one of the most critical months of their life. Luke Fickell, Columbus born and raised, has been vaulted from relative obscurity to one of the biggest jobs in college football. Now in his dream job, he faces an immense challenge in the month of October. Fickell takes his young team through a veritable gauntlet of Michigan State, Nebraska, Illinois, and Wisconsin. At this point, all four teams are ranked in a major poll.

How does one attempt to take on this challenge? One week at a time. With his coaching future unknown at the moment, Fickell has to coach each and every game as if it were his last. Each and every game is experience added to his resume. Each win increase the chances of extending his tenure as the head coach of the Buckeyes, but each loss takes that reality further and further out of his reach.

One could say that the deck is stacked against Fickell. Teamed with a group of assistant coaches that are remnant of the previous coach’s regime and leading a talented but inexperienced roster, the situation is far from ideal. However, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he needs to take advantage of what he’s been given. Fickell can use what he has and do something great with it. With a successful season, Fickell can solidify his position and be the head coach at his alma mater for years to come.

How does any of this relate to life at MTC? Like Fickell, we are all at an important time in our lives. We’ve been given a great opportunity to receive an education. Some may not like the idea of going to class every day, studying, doing homework, and taking tests, but it’s part of what being a student is about. Going to college might seem like a daunting task that cannot be overcome, but it just needs to be taken one week at a time. Focus on what needs to be done every week, and stay on top of knowing the material. It is up to you to take the advantage of the opportunity given to you and make the absolute best of it. With some hard work and determination, anything can be achieved. You may even land the job you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid, just like a hometown guy in Columbus is doing right now.

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