The College Experience

As a student at Marion Technical College, one of the things in the beginning of my experience at the school I had missed was that traditional “college experience.”  Now that I am in one of my final two quarters of school (insert hallelujah chorus), I have been reflecting more on this and have just a few thoughts.

Thought #1:  Marion Technical College isn’t the “traditional college.”  The average student age is about 28, we have students of all ages and walks of life attending here.  Yes, there are students fresh out of high school, but there are all students, like myself when I began, fresh out of a job who are looking for something to help them when we go back out into the world of looking for a career.

Thought #2:  Marion Technical College has improved in this area.  Last year I received the honor of becoming a Student Ambassador.  As a Student Ambassador, I realized that the college offers so much more than what you see on the surface.  For instance, I was involved in the first ever student production of a musical here on campus.  The production was Little Shop of Horrors and it also involved students from OSUM.  We rehearsed very hard for the musical and hopefully will be considered pioneers when students in the future on campus will still be doing shows over at Morrill Hall.  I am also a part of an honor society, one of a few opportunities that are not only helpful resources but also look really nice on a resume.

Thought #3:  I love this campus.  I have spent time here going to school, tutoring, being an Ambassador and as we speak (I type?) I am filling in at the receptionist desk and get to see everyone coming in and going out of the TEC building.  Marion Techinical College doesn’t need the appeal of a “tradional college experience” because it offers a Unique College Experience.  We are still in a small enough community that people are willing to help one another, offer a smile, and take time to get to know you so when you pass in the halls, you say “hi” to each other instead of awkwardly looking the other way.

I try to put a plug in for the school when I can, (I mentioned I’m an Ambassador, right?) and this time is no exception.  People are always told that if you’re considering going back to school then MTC may be right for you, but I want to encourage even those who are looking to go to school for the first time, fresh out of high school or not.  This is a good school, it will treat you well and there are opportunities to get involved as much as you want, or don’t.


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