Chef Boy-ar-not-again!

Oh Mom! We’re not having that again, are we?

I am so tired of cooking the same old things week after week.  My family and I need some excitement in the menu at our house.  The thing is I am worried about trying new things because I have a fear of my family not liking whatever new dish I make.  So I have been discussing this issue with some of my family and friends and I have gotten some fairly good suggestions.

My sister who is having the same issue has started buying cookbooks and starting at the beginning she makes two to three recipes out of them a week and then the recipes are rated by everyone in the household.  If the recipe gets an average above  4 or 5 then it is put into the rotation for regular meals if the recipe is rated low on the scale then it is not made again.  My sister writes the rating right on the recipe in the cookbook, I think this is a wonderful idea.  I just need to find a cookbook that I want to take this chance with.

My best friend just goes online and finds a recipe with the ingredients she likes and tries it.  She is much more adventurous than me.  Then there are my in-laws who have a Facebook page that they trade their favorite recipes on.  I have found a couple recipes there that look interesting…I just haven’t had the courage to try them yet.

I am a full time student with a part time job and I am looking for healthy meals, that are easily made and don’t cost a fortune to make.  Maybe this is why I am having such an issue finding new things to make.

Are there any foodies out there that care to share some recipes with a cook whose family is bored with the same old grub?

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