Thank a farmer!

By a MTC Student Ambassador

This time of year, most of us are concerned with the fact that we’re stuck behind a combine, a semi, or a tractor hauling grain carts.  Sure, it does hold up time and often can make us late to our destination.  My question is, do you think about the person that is driving the said equipment.  I do.   These men and women have more than likely been up since 0530 in the morning getting their tractors ready to get in the field and begin harvest for the day.  Soon, their semis will be filled up with grain and they will make their long haul to the farmers exchange.  Most do this at least 30 times a day.  Soon, 1200 comes.  Most of us are eating lunch at this point in time.  I can almost guarantee that said farmer is not- unless they’re lucky enough to have someone that is able to bring them food to the field.  Next thing you know, it is 1700.  Almost 12 hours have been spent in the field.  Now the farmer is tired and very hungry, but I can guarantee when you go by their field a few hours later they will still be out there.  Most farmers spend at least 18 hours a day doing harvest this time of year- Sunday through Sunday.  They miss their spouses, their children.  They miss their beds, their food.  The thanks they get from their families are wonderful.  The thanks they get from motorists are not always that.  Next time you feel agitated and upset because you’re stuck behind a tractor, think about the hard work that is being done and how their hard work more than likely puts food on the table.

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