What a homewrecker!

Is the REAL meaning of Thanksgiving being taken over by “BLACK FRIDAY” shopping?

By MTC Student Ambassador, RR

Every year at Thanksgiving I look forward to eating lots of good food. The turkey, ham, stuffing, and pumpkin pie are just some examples of most common Thanksgiving Day meals.  Around 1975 is when the term “Black Friday” started to be used for shopping the Day after Thanksgiving. It is considered the first day of the Christmas shopping season.  It is the time that most retailers get “into the black” when it comes to their profit.  Thanksgiving to me and most people is supposed to be a time that you get together and spend time with family and enjoy everyone’s company.  Thanksgiving started as a day to celebrate the year’s harvest.  The shopping every year normally starts around 3am for most stores to get the really low priced bargains. This year however, some stores were open all Thanksgiving Day and it was considered a “Pre- Black Friday” sale. Other sales started at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day. This year I think it went way too far. The people that had to work didn’t get to spend the day with their family. I feel so bad for them. Retailers are trying to take the family holiday away for selfish profit reasons.  I love Black Friday shopping don’t get me wrong, but I don’t believe that it should have gone as far as taking the day away from family gatherings. I got to one of my Thanksgivings of the day and over half of the people were gone. Normally everyone stays till around 10pm-12am. Everyone was gone by 7pm this time because they needed to make the 8pm specials at Wal-mart. I was so disappointed. The sales to me were not more important than family time.  I like spending all night with family, staying up and watching movies until we go shopping at 4am. We would then shop until around 11am or noon and have brunch and go home and sleep. That was a fun family tradition. This year everyone was split up. Retailers have just gone way to far, and people are losing sight of why we enjoy the holiday.

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