What MTC has done for me

Written by Ashley Alspach, MTC Radiography Student and Student Ambassador

If it weren’t for MTC, I would not be where I am today.  MTC has created a bright and promising future for me.  MTC has something for everyone!  I came to MTC right out of high school having NO CLUE what I wanted for my career! After 2 years of college course, I finally decided on Radiography.

I knew I wanted something in the healthcare field, I just didn’t know what. I had a sudden interest in Radiography, and I am not exactly sure what sparked it. Just think, how cool is it to see REAL bones, inside of REAL people? I have not doubted my choice or thought twice about it since entering the program.  I love the patient interaction, and I love being able to help in their diagnosis.  Not to mention, the pass rate for the State Licensure for Radiography here at MTC is 100%.  EVERYONE who has taken the State Licensure test passes!

MTC has a lot of different career options including Criminal Justice, Engineering, Accounting, and Health Care majors.  My advice to anyone looking to attend college is simple.  Don’t be scared, get out there and explore your options!  You never know what MTC could have in store for you! 

One thought on “What MTC has done for me

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