MTC Instructors are Fantastic!

Written by Ashley Alspach, MTC Radiography Student and Student Ambassador

The instructors here at MTC are wonderful and so passionate about what they do.  They are very knowledgeable and genuinely care about the education of each and every one of their students.  The instructors I have had here have definitely been a big part of my success in college. 

A difficult aspect of college courses is the fact that there are so many different instructors for so many different courses with so many different teaching styles.  Adapting to the teaching styles of the instructors can be rather difficult and frustrating.  However, the class sizes are so small that the instructors can give individualized attention to the students who need it.  The classes aren’t like classes at a university with huge stadium-style lecture rooms with giant projector screens.  The class sizes are usually around 24 students for lecture classes.  This is great because the small class sizes may make the high school to college transition easier for students.  Each instructor here at MTC will provide a comfortable, thorough, and unique learning experience for each student, always! 


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