Mud Cakes

Written by Tammy Marks, Student Ambassador, PTA Major

There are some nuggets of advice that I have been given over the years, but this one has been a long life theme for me.

Before my girls came along, I was at a friend’s house with my four boys. One of them came in her back door, jeans covered with mud.

I didn’t know what to say or where to start! She immediately took charge and took him in the bathroom where with a rag and a trash can she started uncovering him.

Even though she was doing all the work, it was obvious that I was not handling it well. You see even with four boys, sugary spills and mud weren’t my forte. 
She smiled continuing to clean and said, “Tammy, it’s just mud”. I didn’t realize that phrase would stay with me for life.

Every time a circumstance overwhelms me, at some point, I remember, “It’s just mud.” Not meaning to make light of any hard circumstance, but in reality, there is always something more important when we put things into prospective. 

I failed two finals, because of an ordeal with cancer. Sounds horrible, right? It’s just mud. I was fortunate that before it was too late, I realized it for what it was and talked to my advisor. I applied for the PTA program for the second time and was accepted! The “better” news is that my prognosis is good.

So, how are your mud cakes coming? 

2 thoughts on “Mud Cakes

    1. Hi Leola
      I didn’t realize that people could comment here, so I apologize for the extremely late reply! Thank you for your appreciation:) Hopefully we can get more blogs up soon! Stay tuned!

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