Just Because You Feel Like Quitting

Don't Give Up
You can do this!

Just Because You Feel Like Quitting
by Tammy Marks, Student Ambassador
December 29, 2013

First week of school- excitement mixed with anxiety, schedules and assignments swirling in your head like a tornado.  Add to that the basics of figuring out the personal aspects of your life, family, work, meals, your health and staying organized enough to stay on top of your MTC game. The goal you are trying to attain somehow feels like it has caused a wrecking ball to take center stage. Arising from the rubble is an over powering emotion making you want to quit the very thing that you have worked so hard to set in motion!

Let me ask you this, did you have any idea of what you were getting yourself into? Would you have made the same choice if you had? There are many things in life that there is no way to determine what they will indeed be like until we actually take the plunge and experience them. Education is one of them!  Let’s take a closer look.

First there is the “honeymoon” phase. You have researched your program enough that you have a growing passion to make a commitment to make room for education in your life.

Then over the semesters you discover many things that you didn’t imagine existed in the choice you have made. Even though you come to terms with the fact this is going to be a lot of hard work, at times you can’t help but wonder if you should just quit. Why were you so mesmerized in the beginning? What were you thinking? You want to quit and unfortunately, some do.

Allow yourself to be enlightened by a profound concept when taken to heart, will get you through. Think on this carefully…. Just because you feel like quitting, doesn’t mean that you have to! Wanting to quit evolves from being overwhelmed, out of balance and control.

Combat it with the knowledge that if you ride it out and recognize it for what it is, you can continue progressing regardless. It does not mean that you will have all good days or that you should deny how you feel. Accept it as a normal reaction to the high standards that you have set in order to attain your success. It means that you will awake and choose each day to accomplish those things that are part of the action plan to accomplish the next assignment, test, presentation or practical.

You will discover down the road, when you are empowered because of these choices, that the struggles were more than worth it. You will be a leader that demonstrates the valuable example of not quitting just because emotions tell you to. Tenacity will be the essence of your ambition. You will have given the world your best!

One thought on “Just Because You Feel Like Quitting

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